For more information ... visit us on the web at ... Theatre Association of NewYork State Inside This Issue: Cover From Your Festival Chair, Ann Frame Pg. 2 President’s Letter Joan Luther, Intro- ducing Adjudicator Cynthia Appleton, Adjudicator Annette G. Procunier Pg. 3 Michael Flanagan, Professor Blakely Information from Bob Frame, Profes- sor Karel Blakely Pg. 4 Enter the BMI Design Competition and Exhibition, Silent Auction Pg. 6 Festival 2017 Schedule Pg. 7 Festival Accommodations, Directions to Hilton Garden Inn, Workshops, Media Sale Pg. 8 Costume & Centerpiece Contest, Note From the Festival Registration Desk, Festival Entertainment, Festival Contacts Pg. 9 Registration Form Pg. 10 Awards, Open Letters from Bob Frame and John Parker Pg. 11 Ruth Legg Memorial Scholarship Win- ner, Merchandise Sale, ESTAFest 2017 Pg. 12 Joan Luther and Bob Frame Honored, Banquet Menu Pg. 13 TANYS Adjudication Pg. 14 Membership Levels Pg. 15 Membership Form Callboard - Volume XlV • Issue 2 • Fall 2017 From The TANYS Festival Chair, Rob Fragamon From your 2017 Festival Chair, Rob Fragoman, Supercalifra.... you get the drift! You may remember me from the past few years working for Bob Frame and his Festival staff as the festival Lighting Designer. I drew the short straw this year and am taking the helm. Our festival committee is busily working on giving you an excellent 2017 TANYS Festival. All of us here couldn't be more excited about this year's event which will showcase the very best theater productions from all across the State of New York. Again the Festival will be same time same place; Cayuga Community College, Au- burn NY, November 17th, 18th and 19th. This year's official hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn New York. Superpass holders are invited to join us Friday evening, at the Afterglow cocktail hour, held at the Hilton. As in past years, Festival participants are encouraged to dress up for our annual awards banquet in costumes inspired by the Disney classic, “Mary Poppins”. In addition to the costume competition, participating companies are invited to par- ticipate in the "SupercalifragilisticexpialiTANYS" themed Centerpiece Competition. We are pleased to showcase our talented technicians and designers with the return of the BMI Supply Design Competition. Actors look over there! Is that something shiny!?!? Now that it is just us backstage folks, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE con- sider documenting and entering your designs into the competition. As someone who works backstage, I'm well aware of the amount of time and energy many of us put into a show and the patrons don't necessarily realize how skilled we all are. They only notice when our work is off, or bad. When our designs are spot on the audience gets more immersed. It's important to get some recognition. Looking for that Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Fiesta of Our Lady of Guada- lupe/ St. Lucia Day/ Boxing Day/ Omisoka/ Yule/ Saturnalia, or for our Athiest friends just a gift, gift for your theatrical friend, partner, child, mother, father, ex- cousin 3 times removed? We will have a selection of items that would be great to give to that special someone! Come visit our merchandise table, or silent auction. As usual our Superpass holders are invited to join us for lunches on Saturday and Sunday, the Afterglow and the Banquet. Melissa and Jenn work SO hard on get- ting you quality and an ample amount of food that covers all dietary restrictions and taste buds AND staying in budget. If you have never catered, it isn't that easy feeding hundreds of people. If you would like to learn more about what vendor and sponsorship opportunities are still available, please feel free to contact me Rob Fragoman, (716)906-7294, for more information. Hundreds of people from 80 community theater companies across the state visit the TANYS Festival every year. If your products or services would benefit the theater community, Festival is a great way to connect with new customers. I look forward to seeing everyone again at this year's Festival. Remember there is still time to sign up for adjudication. Our talented and trained team of roving adju- dicators is eager to share their thoughts and feedback with your production team. If you're interested in becoming an adjudicator, don't be shy. We are always actively seeking new talent. Until Festival, so long, and is it Festival yet?! Rob Fragoman, Festival Chair