Terms of Service

Your Expenses
include the cost of shipping ($5.00 min) and returning the borrowed material, and payment for lost or unreturned material.

First Time Use of Service
If this is the first time an individual or a group is using the service, they are expected to send their request with a check or money order made payable to TANYS for the amount of the shipping. You can reserve the scripts you need via e-mail or phone, and once the written request with payment is received, the order will be sent to you.

Used Service Before?
If you or your group has used the service before, scripts, tech books, or videos will be sent to you upon request. When you return the scripts, books or videos you are expected to include a check or money order made out to TANYS for the shipping amount incurred in getting the scripts to you.

Cost of unreturned scripts, books or videos will be billed, and use of service will be suspended until the bill is paid.