A Walk in the Woods play Blessing, Lee Dramatists
Abie's Irish Rose play Nichols Samuel French
Absurd Person Singular play Ayckbourn Samuel French
Acrobats and Line play Horovitz, israel  
Act Three Scene Five play Ortwein, Terry Baker's Plays
Act, The musical  Furth/Kander/Ebb  
Acting & Theatre book Evans, C & Smith, L  
Acting Professionally book Cohen, Robert  
Acting Through Improv resource book Belt & Stockley  
Acting With an Accent:  Cockney resource book Star, David  
Acting With an Accent:  German resource book Star, David  
Acting With an Accent:  New York resource book Star, David  
Acting With an Accent:  Standard British resource book Star, David  
Acting With an Accent:  Texas resource book Star, David  
Actor's Checklist, The book O'Neill, Rosary  
Actor's Moliere, The collection Moliere   
Actors Nightmare, The play    
Adaptation play May, Elaine Dramatists
Aesop's Fables short plays collection Callum, Albert  
Affairs of State play Verneuil, Louis Samuel French
After Godot play Frank, George  
After the Fact play Sweet, Jeffrey  
Agnes of God play Pielmeier, John Samuel French
Ah, Wilderness play O'Neill, Eugene Samuel French
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp play Norris, James  
Album play Rimmer, David Dramatists
Ali Baba and the Magic Cave play Glennon, William  
Alibis play Kennedy, Peter Heuer
Alice in Wonderland play Gallienne & Friebus Samuel French
Alice in Wonderland play Gregory, Andre  
Alice in Wonderland   adapted-Duffield Baker's Plays
All I Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten   Zulzia, Ernest Dramatic Publishing 
All in the Timing: six one-acts play Ives, David Dramatists
All My Sons drama Miller, Arthur Dramatists Play Service
All the Things I Want to Say: Monologues resource book Kehde, Daniel  
All Too Human play -5 Acts Goldberg, Ralph David  
All's Well That Ends As You Like It collection        Green, Michael Samuel French
All's Well That Ends Wrong   Kachejian, Greg Baker's Plays
Almighty God Bierce play Scutt, Ed  
Almost Maine play Cariani, John  
Alone Together play Roman, Lawrence Samuel French
Amadeus play Shaffer, Peter Harper & Row
American Blues play Williams  
American Spirit, The play Hennessy Baker's Plays
American Woman, The      
Amphitryon play    
An Enemy of the People play Ibsen, Henrik/adaptation Dramatists
An Evening of Culture   Smith, Mark Baker's Plays
Anastasia play Maurette/adapted-Bolton Samuel French
Anastasia/Recognition Scene play Maurette adapted0Bolton Samuel French
And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little play Zindel, Paul  
And They Dance Real Close in Jackson play Leonard, Jim  
Andersonville Trial, The play Levitt, Saul Dramatists
Androcles and the Lion play Shaw, George B.  
Androcles and the Lion play Harris, Aurand Anchorage Press
Androcles and the Lion/Overruled/Pygmalion play Shaw, George B.  
Angel Street play Hamilton, Patrick Samuel French
Angry Housewives musical    Collins/Henry  
Anthology of Russian Plays , Vol. 1, 1790-1890, An collection various  
Antigone play Galantierre/Anouilh  
Antigone collection Anouilh, Jean  
Any Wednesday play Resnik, Muriel Dramatists
Apple Pie (collection) collection        McNally, Terence Dramatists
Apple Tree, The musical Brock, Jerry  
Appointment, The play Jannuzzi, Luigi  
Architect and the Emperor of Assyria, The play Arrabal  
Aria Da Capo play Millay, Edna St. Vincent  
Arms and The Man play Shaw, Bernard Samuel French
Arsenic & Old Lace (Best Mystery Suspense Plays) part of collection Kesselring, Joseph Dramatists
Art play Reza, Yasmina Dramatists
Art of Dating, The play Elwell, Jeffery Scott  
Art of Dining, The play Howe, Tina  
Art of Japanese Theater resource book Garza, Michele, edt  
Arthur Miller's Collected Plays collection  Miller, Arthur  
Arts and Leisure play Tesich, Steve  
As Is play Hoffman, William Dramatists
Assassins musical Sondehim, Stephen, & Weidman, John MTI
Atheist, The   Noone, Ronan Dramatists
Au Pairman, The play Leonard, Hugh Samuel French
Audience play Frayn, Michael  
August: Osage County play Letts, Tracy Dramatists Play Service
Auntie Mame play Lawrence, Jerome & Lee, Robert E. Dramatists
Avenue of Dream play Nass, Elyse Dramatists Play Service
Awareness Through Movement resource book Feldenkrais, Moshe  
AWL Hallow's Eve comedy Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Babes in Toyland musical    Jackson/Herbert  
Babies, The play Lippman, Anna  
Baby play Davidson Samuel French
Baby With the Bathwater play Durang, Christopher  
Bacchae, The play Eripides  
Bad Seed (Best Mystery Suspense Plays) collection Anderson, Maxwell Dramaatists
Bag Lady play Van Itallie, Jean-Claude  
Baker Street musical Coopersmith, Jerome, Grudef, Marian & Jesse  
Balcony, the play Genet, Jean  
Ballad of The Sad CafŽ, The play adapted-Albee, Edward Dramatists
Balm in Gilead collection Wilson, Lanford Dramatists
Barefoot in  Athens play Anderson, Maxwell  
Barefoot in the Park play Simon, Neil  
Barretts of Wimpole Street, The play Besier, Rudolf Dramatists
Basic Course in Manual Communication, A resource book    
Bat, The play Rinehart, Mary Roberts & Hopwood, Avery Samuel French
Bathroom Humor play Van Zandt/Milmore  
Bear Witness play Reach Samuel French
Beauty & the Beast play Beers, Jesse Samuel French
Beauty and the Beast play Gray, Nicholas Stuart  
Beauty of the World, The 10-minute play Gruen, Pet  
Beauty Queen of Leenane play McDonagh, Martin Dramatists
Beckett play Anouilh, Jean  
Becoming Memories play Giron, Arthur  
Bedside Manners play Stephenson, Lisa  
Beekman Place play Taylor, Samuel Samuel French
Beggar's Opera, The play Gay, John  
Behind the Mask resource book Rolfe, Bari     
Bell, Book and Candle play vanDruten, John Dramatists
Belles play Dunn, Mark  
Ben Franklin in Paris musical Michaels, Sidney Samuel French
Benefactors play Frayn, Michael  
Bent play Sherman, Martin Samuel French
Bertha the Bartender is Beautiful Baby play George, Charles  
Beside Yourself play Hall, Nick Samuel French
Best American Short Plays 1990-1992 collections    
Best Christmas Pageant Ever    Robinson, Barbara Samuel French
Best Laid Plans, The play Carmichael, Fred Samuel French
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas musical Hall, Carol & King, Larry Samuel French
Best Mystery Suspense Plays collection Richards, Stanley  
Best of Friends play Staley, Tommy  
Best Plays by Chekhov collection Chekhov, Anton  
Best Plays of 1922 -23 collection  various  
Best Plays of 1922-23 collection        Mantle, Burns, edit.  
Best Plays of 1979-80 collection Guernsey, Otis, edit.  
Best Short Plays 1988-1989 collection    
Best Short Plays of 1982-83 collection various  
Best Short Plays of 1986-1987 collection    
Beyond Therapy play Durang Samuel French
Big Black Box, The play Haubold, Cleve  
Billy Bishop Goes to War play    
Biloxi Bllues play  Simon, Neil  
Biography play Behrman Samuel French
Birdwatchers (Theatre Wagon) collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher  
Birthday Party, & The Room, The play Pinter, Harold Samuel French
Birthday Party, The play Pinter, Harold Samuel French
Bittersuite musical   Weiss/Champagne  
Bizarre Behavior: 6 plays by Albert Innaurato collection Innaurato, Albert  
Black Picture Show, The play Gunn, Bill  
Blind Date play Foote, Horton  
Blithe Spirit play Coward, Noel Samuel French
Blood Knot play Fugard, Athol  
Bloomin - an ode to the garden musical w/cd Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Blue Denim play Herliht, James Leo & Noble, William Samuel French
Blue Horses play Miller, Kathryn Schultz  
Body Alive resource book Berge, Yvonne  
Body of Water, A   Blessing, Lee Dramatists
Bogus Bride, The play Fisher, James  
Bommerang, The play Smith, Winchell & Mapes, Victor Samuel French
Boo! Thirteen Scenes from Halloween play Cook, Pat  
Book of Clown, The resource book Speaight, George  
Boor, The play Chekhov, Anton  
Born Yesterday play Kanin, Garson Dramatists
Bosoms and Neglect play Guare, John Dramatists
Botticelli (Apple Pie) collection McNally, Terence Dramatists
Bouncers play Godber, John  
Box and Cox musical    
Boy I wonder play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Boy's Life play Korder, Howard Dramatists
Boys Life and Other Plays collection        Korder, Howard  
Bravo Caruso play Luce, William  
Breaking Legs play Dulack Dramatists
Brewster's Millions play Smith, Winchell  Samuel French
Brick and the Rose, The play Carling, Lewis John Dramatists
Brigadoon musical Lerner & Loewe Tams Witmark
Bright Room Called Day, A play Jushner, Tony  
Brighton Beach Memoirs play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Broadway Bound play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Broadway Junior Collection cd    
Brooklyn & Other Identities collection Smith  
Brother Santa, Sister Clause   Hanagan, Jay D.  
Browning Version, The play Rattigan, Terence Samuel French
Bugsy Malone musical Williams, Paul Music Theatre International
Buried Child play Shepard, Sam Dramatists
Burning Man, The play Kelly, Tim J. Samuel French
Bus Stop play Inge, William Dramatists
Bus Stopped   Hanagan, Jay D.  
Butley play Gray, Simon Samuel French
Butter and Egg Man, The play Kaufman Samuel French
Butterfingers Angel, Mary & Joseph, Herod the Nut, & the Slaughter of 12 Hit Carols in a Pear Tree play Gibson, William Dramatists
Butterflies Are Free play Gershe, Leonard Samuel French
Butterfly, the play Mofid, Bwan  
Cactus Flower play Burrows, Abe Samuel French
Cages play Carlino, Lewis John  
Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, The play Wouk, Herman  Samuel French
California Suite play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Caligula and Three Other Plays collection Camus, Albert  
Call Me Mike play Reach & Taggart Samuel French
Camille and Other Plays collection        Stanton, Stephen, Edit.  
Camille and Other Plays collection various  
Candide play Voltaire  
Candide resource book Voltaire  
Canterbury Tale from the Wife of Bath, A play Ammann I.E. Clark
Card Index and Other Plays, The collection  Rosewicz  
Career play Lee, James Samuel French
Carnal Knowledge (screenplay) screenplay Feiffer, Jules  
Carousel cd    
Carousel (libretto) musical Rogers & Hammerstein  
Carrington play Hampton, Christopher  
Cascando and other Short Dramatic Pieces collection Beckett, Samual  
Cask of Amontillado, The play Brome, Robert/Poe Eldridge Publishing
Cat and the Canary, The melodrama Williard, John Samuel French
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof play Williams  Dramatists
Cemetery Club, The   Menchell, Ivan Samuel French
Chalk Garden, The (Laurel British Drama) part of collection Bagnold, Enin  
Chamber Music collection Kopit, Arthur  
Championship Season, The   Miller, Jason Dramatists
Chaplin: My Autobiography resource book Chaplin, Charles  
Charlie's Aunt play Thomas, Brandon Samuel French
Charlotte Sweet musical    Colby/Markoe  
Chase, The play Foote, Horton Dramatists
Cheaper By The Dozen play Sergel, Christopher Dramatic Publishing
Chicago musical Ebb, Fred, Fosse, Bob & Kander, John Samuel French
Chicago musical vaudeville Ebb, Fosse, Kander Samuel French
Chicago Gypsies, The play Koste, V. Glasgow  
Childe Byron play Linney, Romulus  
Children play Gurney, Jr. Dramatists
Children Of A Lesser God play Medoff, Mark Dramatists
Child's Play (Best Mystery Suspense Plays) part of collection Marasco, Robert Samuel French
Chiltern Hundreds, The play Home, William Douglas Samuel French
Chinese Prime Minister, The play Bagnold Samuel French
Chinese Wall, The play Frisch, Max  
Christmas Carol, A (adapted by Greenwood, Cora) play    
Christmas for Carol, A   Landing, Julie  
Christmas In July play collection Hanagan, Jay D.  
Cinderella   Glennon Dramatic Publishing 
Cinderella play Chorpenning, Charlotte Anchorage Press
Cinderella Waltz play Nigro, Don  
Cinnamon Stick musical       Ferrell, Dean  
Clandestine On The Morning Line play Greenfeld, Josh Dramatists
Clap Trap play    
Claudia play Franken Samuel French
Clearing In the Woods, A play Laurents, Arthur Dramatists
Close Ties play Diggs, Elizabeth Dramatists
Closer play Marber, Patrick Dramatists Play Service
Cloud 9 play Churchill, Caryl  
Clown Alley resource book Ballantine, Bill  
Clown From Outer Space play Short Samuel French
Cocktail Hour, The play Gurney, A.R.  
Coffee Card play Scutt, Ed  
Cole musical  Porter/Strachan/Green  
Collected Plays of Neil Simon collection      Simon, Neil  
Collected Plays, Vol. 6 collection        Brecht, Bertolt  
Collier's Tuesday Tee, A collection        Green, Michael Samuel French
Comback, The (Nine Early Plays) collection Gurney, A. R.   
Come Back Litte Sheba  collection Inge, William Samuel French
Come Back Little Sheba (Picnic Plus 3) part of collection Inge, William Samuel French
Come Blow Your Horn play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Comedians play Griffiths, Trevor  
Comedy of Errors play Shakespeare, William  
Comedy Of ErrorsÓ Monarch Notes resource book    
Comedy of Neil Simon, The collection        Simon, Neil  
Comedy Sketches   Hamlett, Christina  
Commedia Dell'Arte resource book Rolfe, Bari     
Commedia Dell'Arte, The resource book Oreglia, Giacomo  
Commedia Dell'Arte: the Actor's Handbook resource book Rudlin, John  
Company of Wayward Saints, A play Herman, Geroge  
Competition Piece   Wells, John Samuel French
Complete Book of Paper Mask Making resource book    
Complete Book of Script Writing, The resource book Straczynski, Michael J.  
Complete History of America, The (abridged) play Long, Adam, Martin, Reed & Tichenor, Austin Broadwy Play Pub. Inc.
Complete Juggler, The resource book Finnegan, Dave  
Complete Plays, The collection Orton, Joe Dramatists
Complete Works collection Shakespeare, William  
Complete Works of William Shakespeare, abridged   Long, Adam Applause
Complexities of Love 10-minute play Lee, Heather L.  
Compulsion (Divorce Anyone) collection        Patrick, John Dramatists
Confession (Suicide Anyone) collection        Patrick, John Dramatists
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court play Kelly, Tim J. Pioneer Drama
Conquest of Everest collection Kopit, Arthur  
Continental Divide play Hailey, Oliver  
Continental Divide, Daughters of the Revolution   Edgar, David Dramatists
Contributions play Shine, Ted Dramatists
Convenience musical Coffin, Gregg Dramatists Play Service
Conversations With My Father play Gardner, Herb Samuel French
Copenhagen play Frayn, Michael  
Country Girl, The play Odets, Clifford Dramatists
Couples collection Scutt, Ed  
Coyote Ugly play Sieffert, Lynne  
Create Your Own Stage Sets resource book Thomas, Terry  
Crimes of the Heart play Henley, Beth Dramatists
Crisis Of Faith play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Critic's Choice play Levin, Ira Dramatists
Crown Heights collection Smith, Anna Deavere  
Crown Matrimonial play Rytop, Royce Dramatic Publishing
Crowns musical Taylor, Regina Dramatists
Crucible, The play Miller Dramatists
Crucifer of Blood, The play Giovanni, Paul Samuel French
Cry of Players, A play Gibson, William  
Cryptogram, The play Mamet, David Dramatists
Curious Savage, The play Patrick, John  
Curley McDimple musical Dahdah & Boylan Samuel French
Daddies play Gower, Douglas  
Daisy Biskette's Good Eatin' Cookbook cookbook to go w/Regal's Last Resort    
Dancer the Footloose Reindeer musical w/cd Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Dancing At Lughnasa play Friel, Brian Dramatists
Dandelion play Martin, Judith  
Dangerous Corner (Best Mystery Suspense Plays) collection Priestley, J.B. Samuel French
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea play Shanley, John Patrick  
Dark At the Top of the Stairs, The play Inge, William Dramatists
Dark Victory play Brewer & Bloch Dramatists
Darkest Hour, The play George, Charles Samuel French
Darkness At Noon play Kingsley, Sidney Samuel French
Daughter of Edward A. Boit, The collection Nigro, Don Samuel French
David Show, The collection Gurney, A. R.   
Day After The Fair play Hardy Samuel French
Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine, A Musical    Vosburgh/Lazarus  
Day the Whores Came Out to Play & other plays play Kopit Mermaid Drama
Day They Shot John Lennon, The play McLure, James  
Daytrips play Carson, Jo Dramatists
Deadwood Dick play Taggart, Tom Samuel French
Dear Brutus play Barrie, J.M.  
Dear God Please play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Dear Me, The Sky is Falling play Spigelgass, Leonard Samuel French
Dearly Beloved, The play Osment, Phillip Samuel French
Death and the Maiden play Dorfman, Ariel Penguin Plays
Death of a Salesman play Miller Dramatists
Death Suite play DePietro, Peter  
Deathtrap play Levin, Ira Dramatists
Debarau play    
Decision of Hempstead Station play Cope, Eddie I.E. Clark
Delicate Balance, A play Albee, Edward  
Design for Murder play Batson Samuel French
Designated Mourner, The play Shawn, Wallace Dramatists
Desk Set, The play Marchant Samuel French
Desperate Hours, The play Hayes, Joseph  
Detective Story play Kingsley, Sidney Dramatists
Devil and His Devilish Daughter play Blumenfield, Lenore I.E. Clark
Devils, The play Whiting, John Samuel French
Devour the Snow play Polsky, Abe  
Dial "M" for Murder (Best Mysteries) collection Knott, Frederick Dramatists
Diamonds musical    various  
Diary of Anne Frank resource book Cliff notes  
Diary of Anne Frank, the play Goodrich/Hackett  
Diligent Daughter, The play James, Jerry  
Dining Room, The play Gurney, Jr. Dramatists
Dinner With Friends play Marguilies, Donald Dramatists
Dinny and the Witches play Gibson, William  
Dirty Linen and New Found Land play Stoppard, tom Samuel French
Dirty Old Man, The play Carlino, Lewis John  
Dish For The King, A play Hark & McQueen  
Divorce Anyone? (collection) collection        Patrick, John Dramatists
Divorce Southern Style play Jarrett, Jennifer Dramatists
Do I Look Like Your Wife?! 10-minute play MacNamee, Jay  
Do Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up musical Powers, John Samuel French
Doctor In Spite of Himself, The play Moliere/adapted-Hewitt, Barnard Samuel French
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead play Royal, Bert V. Dramatists Play Service
Dolls' House, A play Ibsen, Hendrik, Hampton,  Samuel French
Dolores (North of Providence) collection Baker, Edward Allan Dramatists
Don Juan   adapted-Porter, Stephen Dramatists
DonŐt Drink The Water play Allen, Woody Samuel French
Doors play Zeder, Susan  
Dora, the Beautiful Dishwasher play Albert Samuel French
Down the Road play Blessing, Lee  
Dr. Cook's Garden play Levin, Ira Dramatists
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde play adapted by Hatcher, Jeffrey Dramatists Play Service
Dracula play Deane & Galderston Samuel French
Dracula (Best Mystery Suspense Plays) collection Dean, Hamiltn & Bald Samuel French
Dracula, Baby musical Ronald, Bruce Dramatic Publishing 
Dragon Country collection Williams, Tennessee  
Dragon Who Giggled, The play McCormick, Elizabeth Samuel French
Drama 1 collection      Barrows, Marjorie, edit  
Drama 2 collection   Redman, Crosby, edit.  
Dream Coast, The play Steppling, John  
Dreamboats/Auto Erotic Misadventure/A Change from Routine collections various  
Dresser, The play Harwood, Ronald Samuel French
Drink to Me Only play Ginnes, Abrahm & Wallach, Ira Samuel French
Drinks Before Dinner play Doctorow, E.L. Int. Creative Mgt.
Driving Miss Daisy play Uhry, Alfred Dramatists
Dumb Waiter, The play Pinter, Harold Samuel French
Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic resource book Dunninger, Joseph  
Durang/Durang   Durang, Christopher  
Dutchman & the Slave play Jones, LeRol Dramatists
Dylan play Michaels, Sidney  
Eamons Wake play    
Eastern Standard play Greenberg Dramatists
Eat Your Heart Out   Hall, Nick Samuel French
Eden Echo, The play Purkey Baker's Plays
Educating Rita play Russell, Willy  
Edward My Son play Morley/Langley  
Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, The play Zindel, Paul Dramatists
Egad, What A Cad! play Bell Samuel French
Eh? play Lings, Henry Dramatists
Eight Great Comedies collection    
Eight Great Tragedies collection  various  
Eighty -Four Charing Cross Road play Hanff, Helene/adapted Samuel French
El Grande de Coca-Cola musical       House/White  
Eleemosynary  play Blessing, Lee Dramatists
Elephant Man, The play Pomerance Samuel French
Elizabeth Rex play Findley, Timothy  
Empathy (Suicide Anyone) one-act collection Patrick, John Dramatists
Empty Space, The resource book Brook, Peter  
Enchanted April play Barber, matthew Dramatists
Enchanted, The play giraudoux, Jean  
Encounter play Jacobson, Ruth  
Encounters: 6 one-acts play Melfi Samuel French
End the the Line, The play Chiodo, Tom  
Enjoyment of Theatre, The book Cameron, Kenneth & Gillepie, Patti  
Entertaining Mr. Sloane collection Orton, Joe Dramatists
Entertaining Mr. Sloane play Orton, Joe  
Equus play Shaffer, Peter Samuel French
Ermine, The collection Anouilh, Jean  
Erphingham Camp. The collection Orton, Joe Dramatists
Escanaba In Da Moonlight play Daniels, Jeff Dramatists
Ethel and Albert Comedies play Lynch, Peg Samuel French
Eugene O'Neill:  Three Plays collection O'Neill, Eugene  
Euripedes: Orestes and Other Plays collection  Euripedes  
Eurydice collection Anouilh, Jean  
Everybody Loves Opal play Patrick, John Dramatists
Everything in the Garden play Albee, Edward  
Excerpts From A Thurber Carnival play Thurber, James  
Exit the King play Ionesco, Eugene Samuel French
Ex-Miss Copper Queen on a Set of Pills play Terry, Megan Samuel French
Exonerated, The play Blank & Jensen Dramatists Play Service
Extra Curricular Activity play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Eyes play Scutt, Ed  
F. M. (Laughing Stock) collection        Linney, Romulus Dramatists
Fables for Friends play O'Donnell, Mark Dramatists
Faith County   Smith, Mark Baker's Plays
Fall of the House of Usher, The play Brome, Robert/Poe Eldridge Publishing
Family Business, The play    
Famous American Plays of the 1960's collection  various  
Famous American Plays of the 50's collection     Strassburg, Lee, edit  
Fancy Meeting You Here play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Fanny musical    Berhrman/Logan  
Fantastics, The  musical Jones & Schmidt Music Theatre International
Far Away play Churchill, Caryl  
Fat Pig play Labute, Neil Baker's Plays
Father's Day play Hailey, Oliver  
Faustus   Mamet, David Dramatists
Fences play Wilson, Augsut Samuel French
Ferris Wheel play Miller, Mary  
Fiddler On the Roof Study Guide resource book    
Fifteen American One Act Plays collection      Kozelka, Paul, edit  
Fifteen International One Act Plays collection various  
Fifth Season, The play Regan, Sylvia Samuel French
Find Your Way Home play Hopkins, John Samuel French
Finian's Rainbow musical Harburg & Saidy  
Finishing Touches play Kerr, Jean Dramatists
Fiorello musical    Weldman/Abbot  
Fireman's Flame, The musical    Van Antwerp, John  
Fires in the Mirror collection Smith, Anna Deavere  
First Actress, The play Orkow, Ben  
First Kisses play Hanagan, Jay D.  
First Lady play Dayton/Kaufman  
First Night play Neary, Jack Baker's Plays
Five Finger Exercise play    
Five Plays  collection     Hauptmann, Gerhart  
Five Women Wearing The Same Dress play Ball, Alan Dramatists
Flea in Her Ear, A play Feydeau/trans L'Oreille Samuel French
Flight Of Fancy play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Flora the Red Menace musical    Kander/Ebb  
Flounder Complex, The play Damato, Anthony Dramatists
Flowers for Algernon play Rogers, David  
Foibles play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Fools play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Footsteps of Doves, The play Anderson, Robert Dramatists
For Love Or Money   Herbert, F.Hugh Dramatists
For This We Give Thanks play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Foreigner, The play Shue, Larry Dramatists
Foreplay or The Art of the Fugue collection        Ives, David  
Forget Me Not Lane play    
Forty Carats play Barillett& Gredy/adapted-allen Samuel French
Forty-five Minutes From Broadway musical adapted-Rogers, June Dramatic Publishing 
Fostered Ideal play Vile, Bradley  
Foster's Hat play Williams, Carl L.  
Four Contemporary American Plays collection various  
Four Great Plays collection Redman, Crosby, edit Ibsen, Henrik  
Four Great Plays by Ibsen collection  Ibsen, Henrik  
Four Great Restoration Plays collection various  
Four Major Plays collection Ibsen, Henrik  
Four Plays collection   Inge, William  
Four Plays collection   Norman, Marsha  
Four Plays by Eugene Ionesco collection Ionesco, Eugene  
Four Plays by Lillian Hellman collection Hellman, Lillian  
Four Plays by Shaw collection  Shaw, George B.  
Four Plays for Coarse Actors (collection) one-act collection Green, Michael Samuel French
Fourposter, The play Hartog Samuel French
Fox on the Fairway, The play Ludwig, Ken Samuel French
Fox, The play Lawrence, D.H. Samuel French
Foxfire play Cooper/Cronyn  
Frankenstein play Kelly/Shelley Samuel French
Fresh Horses play Ketron, Larry  
Friends In High Places comedy Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Frogs, The play Aristophanes' I.E. Clark
From Here to Absurdity play Hanagan, Jay D.  
From Page to Stage book Kaye, Marvin  
From Page to Stage (Design) book Ingham, Rosemary  
From the Greek Mimes to Marcel Marceau resource book Lust, Annette  
Front Page, The play Hecht, Ben, McArthur, Charles Samuel French
Fuddy Meers play Lindsay-Abaire, David Dramatists Play Service
Fumed Oak play Coward, Noel  
Fun & Games play Timmerman, David  
Funeral Games collection Orton, Joe Dramatists
Funny Money play Cooney, Ray Samuel French
Gallileo play Brecht, Bertolt  
Galway Girl, A play Aron Samuel French
Games   Filichia, Peter Baker's Plays
Geepers, I Love You play Gladden, Sally J.  
Gemini play Innaurato, Albert  
Generation play Goodbart, William Samuel French
Genesis play Nigro, Don  
Genet/Ionesco resource book Morris,Kelly, edit.  
Geniuses play Reynolds, Jonathan  
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes play Sergel, Kristin  
George Washington Slept Here play Hart, Moss, Kaufman, George. S. Dramatists
Get Stuffed play Scharf, Mark  
Get Together Songs score/music various  
Getting Out play Norman, Marsha Dramatists
Ghost for Rsanda, A play Ammann I.E. Clark
Ghost Train, The play Ridley, Arnold Samuel French
Ghostpainter play Doyle, Brian M.  
Ghosts play Ibsen, Henrik  
Ghosts and Three other Plays collection Ibsen, Henrik  
Gift for Santa Claus, A play Alsop S
Gift of the Magi, The   Hischak, Thomas Pioneer Drama
Gigi play Loos, Anita Samuel French
Gin Game, The play Coburn, D.L>  
Gingerbread Lady, The play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Girls in 509, The play Teichmann Samuel French
Give My Regards To Broadway musical Cohen, George M Heuer
Glass Menagerie, The  play Williams, Tennessee Dramatists
Glass Mountain play Kimes, Bruce Samuel French
Glimpses (monologues)  resource book   Dramatic Publishing 
God of Carnage play Reza, Yasmina Dramatists Play Service
God of Hell, The play Shepard, Sam Dramatists
God Picks Pamela play Rentz, Victoria  
God's Best Country play Francis, Gordon  
God's Favorite play Simon, Neil Samuel French
God's Man In Texas play Rambo, David Dramatists
Golden Ages of the Theater resource book    
Golden Ages of the Theater resource book MacGowan/Melnitz  
Golden Boy play Odets, Clifford Dramatists
Golden Fleece, The collection Gurney, A. R.   
Goldilocks musical Kerr, Walter & Jean Samuel French
Good and Faithful Servant, The collection Orton, Joe Dramatists
Good Day play Peluso, Emanuel Dramatists
Good Doctor, The play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Good Night, Caroline play Seiler, Conrad  
Good Will Toward Women play Sterling, Dorothy Baker's Plays
Goodbye Charlie play Axelrod, George Samuel French
Goodbye Freddy play Diggs, Elizabeth  
Goodbye People, The play Gardner, Herb Samuel French
Goodbye, Harold (Laughing Stock) collection        Linney, Romulus Dramatists
Goodbye, My Fancy play Kanin, Fay Samuel French
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning, Juliet) play MacDonald, AnnMarie  
Grace & Glorie play Ziegler, Tom Samuel French
Graceland and Asleep on the Wind collection        Byron, Ellen  
Grand Manner, The play Gurney, A.R. Dramatists Play Service
Grapes of Wrath, The play Galati, Frank Dramatists
Graphics for the Performing Arts resource book Sweet, Harvey  
Grease musical Jacobs, Jim & Casey, Warren Samuel French
Great All -American Disaster Musical, The musical    Kelly/Sharkey  
Great American Backstage Musical, The musical    Solly/Ward  
Great American Trailer Park Musical, The musical Nehls & Kelso Dramatists Play Service
Great Cross Country Race, The play Broadhurst, Alan Anchorage Press
Great Farces collection various  
Great Scenes from World Theater resource book various  
Great Sebastians, The play Lindsay, Howard & Crowse, Russell Dramatists
Greater Tuna play Williams, Sears, Howard Samuel French
Greatest Girls Softball Team of Sussex County, The play Nersesian, Robert Eldridge
Greatest Plays collection  O'Neill, Eugene  
Green Man (Green Man collection) collection        Nigro, Don Samuel French
Greetings! play Dudzick, Tom Samuel French
Grey Gardens   Wright, Frankel, Korie Dramatists
Guest Artist, The play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Guest In The House play Wilde, Hagar & Dale Samuel French
Guilty Conscience play Levinson, Richard & Link, William Samuel French
Gunmetal Blues musical   Adler, Marion  
Habit (Divorce Anyone) collection        Patrick, John Dramatists
Hadrian VII   Luke, Peter  
Haiku play Snodgrass, Katherine Samuel French
Hair musical RadO/rAGNI  
Halfway Up The Tree play Ustinov, Peter Samuel French
Hansel and Gretel   Chorpenning, Charlotte Dramatic Publishing 
Happiest Millionaire, The play Crichton, Kyle Dramatists
Happiness, Cage, The play Reardon, Denis, J. Samuel French
Happy Apple, The play Pulmad, Jack Samuel French
Happy Journey, The play Wilder, Thornton Samuel French
Happy Scarecrow, The play Clark, I.E. I.E. Clark
Happy Time, The play Taylor, Samuel Dramatists
Happy-Go-Lucky Minstrels   Kaser, Arthur  
Harry and Susie play Scutt, Ed  
Harvey play Chase, Mary Dramatists
Hatful of Rain, A play Gazzo, Michael Samuel French
Haunting of Hill House, The play Jackson/adapted-Leslie Dramatists
Having Our Say play Mann, Emily Dramatists
He Done Her Wrong or Wedded But No Wife! play Bell, Anita Samuel French
Heartbreak House collection Shaw, George Bernard  
Heaven Can Wait play Segall, Harry Dramatists
Hector & Harriet in Helsinki play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Hedda Gabler play Ibsen/adapted-Hampton Samuel French
Heiress, The play Goetz, Ruth & Augustus Dramatists
Hell Out There play Saroyan Samuel French
Here and Now play    
Here Lies Jeremy Troy play Sharkey, Jack Samuel French
Hero, The collection Kopit, Arthur  
Hieronymus Bosch (Green Man) collection Nigro, Don Samuel French
High Ground play Hastings, Charlotte Samuel French
His and Her Date play Jackson, Vincent E.  
History of Music, A  resource book Forsyth, Cecil  
History of the American Film, A musical Durang/Marvin  
Hogan's Goat play Alfred, William Samuel French
Holiday For Lovers play Alexander, Ronald Dramatists
Hollow, The play Christie, Agatha  
Home play Storey, David Samuel French
Home Free play Carmichael, Fred Samuel French
Home, The Changing Room, and Mother's Day collection Storey, David  
Homecoming, The play Pinter, Harold Samuel French
Honk musical Stiles, George & Drewe, Anthony MTI
Hot Air play Karintby Samuel French
Hotbed Hotel play Parker, Michael Samuel French
Hothouse play Terry, Megan  
Hothouse, The play Pinter, Harold Dramatists
Hot'l Baltimore play Wilson, Lanford Dramatists
House At Pooh Corner, The   Knapp, Bettye Dramatic Publishing 
House in Town, The   Greenberg, Richard Dramatists
House of Blue Leaves, The play Guare, John Samuel French
How I Learned to Drive  play Vogel, Paul Dramatists
How the West Was Fun musical    Seay/Puras  
How To Eat Like A Child   Kahan, Judith Samuel French
How To Make An American Teenage Quilt   Akers, Tom Heuer
Huh? musical w/cd Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Hunchback of Notre Dame musical  Quinton, Everett  
I am My Own Wife   Wright, Doug Dramatists
I Hate Hamlet play Rudnick, Paul Dramatists
If We Are Women play Glass, Joanna McClelland Dramatists
II Fornicaine (Four Plays) one-act collection Green, Michael Samuel French
I'll Be Home For Christmas play Anderson, Robert Dramatists
I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road musical   Cryer, Gretchen  
I'm Herbert play Anderson, Robert Dramatists
I'm Not Rappaport play Gardner, Herb Samuel French
Imaginary Invalid, The play Moliere/adapted-Stone Samuel French
Importance of Being Earnest, The play Wilde, Oscar Samuel French
Impossible Years, The play Fisher & Marx Samuel French
Impromptu play Mosel Dramatists
Impromtu Entertainments resource book Sheridan, Dan Dramatic Publishing 
Improv Game Book II resource book Belt, Lyada  
In A Perfect World play Hanagan, Jay D.  
In Darkets America (2 plays)   Oates, Joyce  
In Search of Theater resource book Bentley, Eric  
In Sight resource book assorted  Dramatic Publishing 
In Some Secluded  play Hanagan, Jay D.  
In the Boom Boom Room play Rabe, David  
In Your Shorts! play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Inadmisssible Evidence play Osborne, John  
Incident at Vichy play Miller, Arthur Samuel French
Independence play Blessing, Lee  
Indian Ink play Stoppard, Tom Samuel French
Indian Wants the Bronx, The play Horovitz, Israel  
Indians play Kopit, Arthur Samuel French
Infancy play Wilder, Thornton Samuel French
Inherit The Wind play Lawrence,Jerome & Lee, Robert Dramatists
Innocence play McGuinness, Frank  
Integrity (Divorce Anyone) collection        Patrick, John Dramatists
Intensity 10-minute play Coash, Tom  
Investigation, The play Weiss, Peter  
Invisible Dragon, The play Clapp, Patricia  
Invisible Man play Hill, Ken/based on HG.Wells novel  
Invitation To A March play  Laurents, Arthur Dramatists
Irish Wake of Patty O'Toole comedy Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Isn't It Romantic collection Hanagan, Jay D.  
It Happened At Kings' Island play Huling, Jay  
Italian Comedy, The resource book Duchartre, Pierre  
It's About Forgiveness play Gorn, Albi  
It's Only a Play play McNally, Terrence Dramatists
Jack and the Beanstalke play Glennon, William  
Jack Tales, The   Stephenson, Rex I.E. Clark
Jack the Ripper musical       Pember/DeMarne  
Jake's Women play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Janus play Green, Carolyn Samuel French
JB play MacLeish, Archibald  
Jeepers, I Love You full length Gladden, Sally J.  
Jeffrey play rudnick, Paul Dramatists
Jekyll & Hyde, the Musical cd    
Jesse and the Bandit Queen play Freeman, David Samuel French
Jewish Wife and Other Short Plays, The collection Brecht, Bertolt  
Jimmy Shine play Schisgal, Murray  
Joe Egg play    
John Loves Mary play Krasna, Norma Dramatists
Johnny Bull play Yale, Kathleen Betsko Dramatists
Joyeux Noelle   Hanagan, Jay D.  
Judas Kiss, The play Hare, David Samuel French
Juggling for the Complete Klutz resource book Cassidy/Rimbeax  
Jumbo Christmas Book, The collection Various Authors Baker's Plays
Jumpers play Stoppard, Tom Grove Press
Junior Great Books, Vols 2 – 6 resource book various  
Junior Great Books: Vol 2-6 resource book various  
Just A High School Play   Perry, E. Eugene Baker's Plays
K2 play Meyers, patrick Dramatists
Kabuki Drama resource book Miyake, Shutaro  
Kabuki Theatre of Japan, The resource book Scott, A.C.  
Kaspar and Other Plays collection  Handke, Peter  
Keaton        resource book Blesh, Rudi  
Keaton:  the Silent Features Close Up resource book Moews, Daniel  
Kennedy's Children play Patrick, Robert  
Killing of Sister George, The play Marcus, Frank Samuel French
Kimberly Akimbo play Lindsay-Abaire, David Dramatists Play Service
Kind Lady play Chodorov/Walpole Samuel French
Kinder & Gentler collection Hanagan, Jay D.  
King Who Couldn't Be Fooled, The play Elfenbein, Josef  
Kith and Kin play Hailey, Oliver  
Kit-Kat-Kate play Warren, R. Bruce  
Knack, The (Laurel British Drama) collection Jellicoe, Ann  
Knight of the Burning Pestle, The play Beaumont, Francis  
Knock, Knock play Feiffer, Jules Samuel French
Krazy play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Labor Pains (Other Half) collection        Palermo, Michele Samuel French
Labors of Love, The play Perry & Porter  
Ladies at the Alamo play Zindel Dramatists
Ladies in Moonlight play Gephart Samuel French
Ladies in Retirement play Percy & Denham Dramatists
Ladies of the Jury play Ballard, Fred Samuel French
Ladies of the Tower play Kelly & Perry  
Lady of Fadima (North of Providence) collection Baker, Edward Allan Dramatists
Lady of the Camellias, The play Lang, William  
Lady Windemere's Fan play Wilde, Oscar  
Lady's Not For Burning, The play Fry, Christopher Samuel French
Laime Inventions comedy/drama Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Lamp At Midnight play Stavis, Barrie  
Land of the Dragon, The play Miller, Madge  
Landscape and Silence collection Pinter, Harold  
Landscape of the Body play Guare, John Dramatists
Laramie Project, The play Kaufman, Moises Dramatists
Last Days of Judas Iscariot, The play Guirgis, Stephen Adly Dramatists
Last Days of Judas Iscariot, The play Guirgis, Stephen Adly Dramatists Play Service
Last Laugh play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Last Looks play McKeaney, Grace  
Last Night of Ballyhoo.The play Uhry, Alfred Dramatists
Last of the Red Hot Lovers play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Later Encounters (7one-act plays) collections Melfi, Leonard  
Later Life play Gurney, A. R.   
Later Plays of Eugene O'Neill, The collection O'Neill, Eugene  
Laughing Stock (collection) collection        Linney, Romulus Dramatists
Laundry & Bourbon play McLure, James Dramatists
Laura play Caspary & Sklar Dramatists
Laurel British Drama collection  Corrigan  
Lay-Off play Scutt, Ed  
Le Parents Terrible play    
Leader of the Pack, The musical   Beatts/Greenwich  
Lear play Bond, Edward  
Learned Ladies of Park Avenue, The play Grimm, David Dramatists
Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women resource book Jay, Ricky  
Legend of the Golden Goose, The play Grimm  
Legendary Stardust Boys, The play Gilles, D.B.  
Lemonade and the Autograph Hound play Prideaux, James  
Lena's Secret Garden play Tesoriere, Ken  
Lend Me A Tenor play Ludwig, Ken Samuel French
Leonardo Was Right play Topor, Roland  
Les Blancs play Hansberry, Lorraine Samuel French
Les Bonnes play Genet, Jean  
Les Liaisons Dangereuses play Hampton, Christopher Samuel French
Lessness play Beckett, Samuel  
Let's Be Brief (10-minute plays) collection Hanagan, Jay D.  
Letter, The (Best Mysteries) collection Maugham, W. Somerset  
Lettice and Lovage play Shaffer, Peter  
Life Come To The Old Maid play Wilheim  
Life in the Theatre, A play Mamet, David Samuel French
Life, The Musical cd    
Light Up The Sky play Hart, Moss Dramatists
Lillian play Luce, William  
Lines play Scutt, Ed  
Lion In Winter, The play Goldman, James Samuel French
Lips Together, Teeth Apart play McNally, Terence  
Little Dog Laughed, The play Beane, Douglas Carter Dramatists
Little Family Business, A play Barillet, Pierre Samuel French
Little Footsteps play    
Little Foxes, The play Hellman, Lillian Dramatists
Little Mary Sunshine musical    Besoyan, Rick  
Little Match Girl play Ammann, Herman I.E. Clark
Little Mermaid play Nursey-Bray, Rosemary I.E. Clark
Little Murders play Feiffer, Jules  
Little Musicals For Little Theatres  book Flinn, Denny Martin  
Little Troll Without a Soul, A play Ammann, Herman I.E. Clark
Little Women play adaptor-Hischak, Thomas I.E. Clark
Lo and Behold play Patrick, John Samuel French
Loman Family Picnic, The play Margulies, Donald Dramatists
London Suite play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Lonely Planet play Dietz, Steven Dramatists
Long Ago & Far Away, A Winter's Tale (collection) collection        Ives, David  
Long Day's Journey Into Night play O'Neill  
Look Back In Anger play Osborne, John Dramatic Publishing
Look Homeward Angel play Frings, Ketti  
Look: We've Come Through play Weeler, Hugh Dramatists
Loose Connections play Scanlan, Michael Samuel French
Loot collection Orton, Joe Dramatists
Loss of Roses, A play  Inge, William  
Lost in Yonkers play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Love Course, The (Nine Early Plays) collection Gurney, A. R.   
Love is a Daisy (Theatre Wagon) collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher  
Love Is Shining play Pike, Earl  
Love of Four Colonels, The play Ustinov, Peter Dramatists
Love With a Twist musical    Sharkey/Reiser  
Love, Sex and IRS   VanZandt, William Samuel French
Love-Lies-Bleeding   DeLillo, Don Dramatists
Lovers   Friel, Brian  
Lovers and Other Stangers play Taylor & Belonga Samuel French
Loyalties (Laurel British Drama) collection Galsworthy, John  
Loyalty (Suicide Anyone) collection        Patrick, John Dramatists
Lullaby play Appell, Don Dramatists
Luv play  Schisgal, Murray Dramatists
Lyons Mail, The  play Powell, George Hinemann
Lysistrata play Aristophanes Samuel French
M. Butterfly play Hwang, David Henry Dramatists
Machinal Episodes 1-9   Treadwell, Sophie  
Madwoman of Chaillot, The play Giraudoux, Jean Dramatists
Magician's Nephew   adapted from Lewis, C.S. Dramatic Publishing 
Maids/Deathwatch, the collection  Genet, Jean  
Majority of One, A play Spiegelgass, Leonard Samuel French
Make A Million play Barasch & Moore Samuel French
Male Animal, The play Thurber & Nugent Samuel French
Mame musical Herman, Jerry  
Mame musical Lawrence, Lee & Herman Tams Witmark
Man for All Seasons, A play    
Man for All Seasons, A (Laurel British Drama) collection Bolt, Robert  
Man in the Dog Suit, The play Beich, Albert & Wright, William Dramatists
Man In the Glass Booth, The   Shaw, Robert Grove Press
Man of the House   Blair, Alan Pioneer
Man Who Came to Dinner, The play Hart, Moss & Kaufman, George S. Dramatists
Man with a Load of Mischief, The play Dukes, Ashley  
Marat/Sade play Weiss, Peter  
Marie & Bruce play Shawn, Wallace Dramatists
Masks of Mexico resource book    
Masque of Beauty and the Beast, The play Brill, Michael  
Masque of the Red Death play Brome, Robert/Poe Eldridge Publishing
Masquerade resource book    
Mass Appeal play David Dramatists
Mass Appeal play Davis, Bill C.  
Master Class play McNally, Terrence Dramatists
Master Harold and the Boys play Fugard, Athol  
Masterpieces of Russian Drama, Vol. 1  collection        Noyes, George, Edit  
MD 20/20 and Passive Fancy collection   various  
Meanwhile, Back on the Couch play Sharkey, Jack Samuel French
Medea play Euripedes/Townsend  
Medicine Cards resource book Sams/Carrson  
Medium play White, K  
Melodrama Classics collection    
Member of the Wedding, A play  McCullers, Carson  
Men Without Dates and Slam collection   Willis, Jane  
Men's Singles play Gilles, D.B.  
Merchant of Venice, The play Shakespeare, William  
Mere Mortals (Long Ago) collection        Ives, David  
Merry Death, A (Theatre Wagon) collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher  
Middle of the Night play Chayefsky, Paddy Samuel French
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (The Interlude) play Shakespeare, William Samuel French
Miffed at the Magi   Hanagan, Jay D.  
Mime and Masks resource book Nobleman, Roberta  
Mime, The resource book Dorcy, Jean  
Mimes on Miming resource book Rolfe, Bari, Edt  
Miracle Worker, The play Gibson Samuel French
Misanthrope and Other Plays   Moliere  
Misanthrope and Tartuffe, The collection  Moliere/adapted-Mooney, Timothy  
Miss Firecracker Contest play Henley, Beth Dramatists
Miss Margarida's play Athayde, roberto Samuel French
Mistakes Were Made play Wright, Craig Dramatists Play Service
Mister Angel play Segall, Harry Dramatists
Mister Roberts   Logan, Joshua Dramatists
Moliere The Miser and Other Plays collection    
Mollie Bailey's Traveling Family Circus   Terry, Megan & Metcalf, JoAnne Broadway Play Pub. 
Mollusc, The play Davies, Hubert Henry Baker's Plays
Molly Sweeney play Friel, Brian Dramatists
Money, Power, Murder, Lust, Revenge and Marvelous Clothes musical    Kelly/Sharkey  
Monkey Shines play Appel, Dori  
Monkey's Paw, The play W.W. Jacobs/Parker Samuel French
Monologues: Men resource book Emerson/Grumbach, edt.  
Month of Sundays, A   Larbey, Bob Samuel French
Monty By the Sea play Mackowski, Chris  
Moon Over Buffalo play Ludwig, Ken Samuel French
Moose Murders play Bicknell, Arthur  
Morning's At Seven play Osborn, Paul Samuel French
Most Happy Fella, The cd Loesser, Frank  
Mother Truckers comedy Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Mousetrap, The play Christie, Agatha Samuel French
Move Over Mrs. Markham play Cooney, Ray & Chapman, John Samuel French
Mozart's Symphony #8 resource book Mozart, W.A  
Mr. & Mrs. Fitch play Carter Beane, Douglas Dramatists Play Service
Mr. Hobbs Vacation play Streeter/adapted-Leslie Dramatists
Mrs. McThing   Chase, Mary Oxford
Mrs. Sorken play Durang, Christopher  
MTI - Standing Ovations, Vol 1 cd    
Murderer play Shaffer, Anthony Samuel French
Murderers play Hatcher, Jeffrey Dramatists
Music Lovers, The play Feyoleau, Georges/adapted-Oliver, Reggie Samuel French
Music Man, The musical Wilson, Meridith  
Musical Chairs musical    Berg/Donelly/Savage  
My Cup Ranneth Over play Patrick, Robert Dramatists
My Daughter, Your Son play Ephron, Phoebe & Henry Samuel French
My Fat Friend play Laurence, Charles  
My Sister Eileen play Fields, Joseph, A. & Chodorov, Jerome Dramatists
My Sweet Charlie play Westheimer Samuel French
My Three Angels play Spewack, Sam & Bella Dramatists
Mystery of the Gumdrop Dragon, The play    
Natural Affection play Inge, William Dramatists
Natural Singing and Expressive Conducting resource book Peterson, Paul  
Nature of Drama: Plays and Essays, The collection        various  
Necklace, The (and other stories) play DeMaupassant/adapted-Tasca Samuel French
Neil Jordan Reader, A resource book Jordan, Neil  
Nerd, The play Shue, Larry Dramatists
Never Swim Alone & This is a Play play MacIvor, Daniel  
Never Too Late play Long, Sumner Aruthur Samuel French
New American Dramatists 1960 – 1980 resource book Cohn, Ruby  
New American Plays, Vol. 3 collections various  
New Lamps For Old  play Gray, Nicholas Stuart Samuel French
New Mime in Europe resource book Mime Journal  
New Mime in North America resource book Mime Journal  
New Moon for Hattie play Kirkpatrick Samuel French
New Playwrights:  the Best Plays of 1999 collection        Smith, Marisa, edit.  
New Theatre of Europe 4 collection  various  
New Underground Theater, the collection  various  
New York Minute, A (Other Half) collection        Palermo, Michele Samuel French
Next (Apple Pie) collection McNally, Terence Dramatists
Nice and the Nasty, The play O'Donnell, Mark  
Nice People Dancing To Good Country Music play Blessing, Lee Dramatists
Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music/Toys for Men play Blessing, Lee  
Night Mother play Norman, Marsha  
Night Must Fall play Williams Samuel French
Night of January 16th play Rand David McKay Co.
Night Watch play Fletcher, Lucille Dramatists
Nightmare High School play Dorn, Patrick Pioneer
Nightshriek musical    Ward, Trista  
Nine musical   Kopit/Yeston  
Nine Early Plays 1961-1973 collection Gurney, A. R.   
Nine Parts of Desire   Raffio, Heather Dramatists
Nine Plays of Chekov collection  Chekhov, Anton  
No ChildÉ play Sun, Nilaja Dramatists Play Service
No Exit and Three other Plays collection Sartre, Jean Paul  
No Frills Revue musical Charnin, Martin Music Theatre International
No Sex Please, We're British play Marriott, Anthony & Foot, Alistair Samuel French
No Time for Comedy play Behrman Samuel French
No Time For Sergeants play Levin, Ira Dramatists
No Wedding Bells For Me play George, Charles Baker's Plays
No/Kyogen Masks and Performance resource book Teele, Rebecca  
Nobody Hears a Broken Drum play Miller Samuel French
Noises Off farce Frayn, Michael Samuel French
Noodle Doodle Box play Page, Anita & Alex Baker's Plays
Noon play    
Normal Heart, The play Kramer, Larry  
Norman, Is That You? play Clark & Bobrick Samuel French
North of Providence (collection) collection        Baker, Edward Allan Dramatists
North Pole Noir play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Not One Single Thing play Smith, Erica  
Not So Soft play Knight, Jonah   
Now is the Time For All Good Men musical Cryer & Ford Samuel French
Now Pinch-Hitting for Joe Di'Maggio play Goldberg, Ralph David  
Now That You Mention It play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Nunsense musical Goggin, Dan Samuel French
Nuts play Topor, Tom  
Odd Couple, The  play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Odd Couple, The (female version) play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Odyssey, The play Hischak, thomas Baker Plays
Of Mice and Men play Steinbeck, John Dramatists
Off Off Broadway Festival Plays: 20th Series collection        Samuel French  
Off The Grid play Scarf, Mark   
Off-Off Broadway Festival Plays 7th Series collection Samuel French  
Off-Off Broadway Festival Plays, 18th Series collection various  
Old Lady Shows Her Medals, The play Barrie, J.M.  
Old One-Two, The  collection Gurney, A. R.   
Old Wicked Songs play Marans, Jon Dramatists
Oliver (libretto) musical Bart, Lionel Tams Witmark
Oliver (score) musical Bart, Lionel Tams Witmark
Olympus on my Mind musical    Harman/Sturiale  
On Borrowed Time fanatasy Osborn, Paul Dramatists
On Directing resource book Clurman, Harold  
On Golden Pond play Thompson, Ernest Dramatists
On the Corner of Cherry and Elsewhere collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher  
On the Road to Oz play Koste, V. Glasgow  
On Theatre and the Art of Acting audio cassette Checkhov, Michael  
Once for the Asking play Arno Dramatists
Once More With Feeling play Kurnitz, Harry Dramatists
Once Upon A Summertime play Schaller, Mary  
One Act Comedies of Moliere collection Moliere   
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest play Wsserman, Dale Samuel French
One- Person One Acts collection Hanagan, Jay D.  
One Shoe Off play Howe, Tina  
Opal's Husband play Patrick, John Dramatists
Open Meeting, The collection Gurney, A. R.   
Ordinary People play Gilsenan, Nancy Dramatic Publishing
Ordinary People play Gilseman (Guest)  
Oswald's Champion play Goldberg, Ralph David  
Other Half , The (collection) collection        Palermo, Michele Samuel French
Out Cry play Williams, Tennessee Dramatists
Out of Gas on Lover's Leap play St. Germain, Mark  
Out of the Frying Pan play Swann Samuel French
Over The River and Through The Woods play DiPietro, Joe Dramatists
Over the Tavern play Dudzick, tom Abrams Artists
Overtime play Gurney, A. r.  Dramatists
Owl & The Pussycat, The play Mahhoff, Bill Samuel French
Pack of Lies play Whitemore, Hugh Samuel French
Pack, The play Humphrey & Aikman  
Painting Churches play Howe, Tim Samuel French
Parade cd    
Parallel Lives: The Kathy & Mo Show play Gaffney, Mo Dramatists
Paris Is Out play Seff Samuel French
Paris Letter, The play  Baitz, Jon Robin Dramatists
Paul Cambell Hits the Bigtime play Devon, Alexandra  
Pavane play Wiener, SallyDixon  
Peer Gynt play Ibsen, Henrik  
People Next Door, The play Miller, JP  
People vs Ranchman play Terry, Megan Samuel French
Period of Adjustment play Williams Dramatists
Personal Appearance, A play Steele, Donald  
Personal Effects play McNamara, John Dramatists
Personal Space play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Petticoat Fever play Reed, Mark Samuel French
Philadelphia, Here I Come play Friel, Brian Samuel French
Philadelphia, The play Ives, David Dramatists
Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread play Ives, David Dramatists
Philophobia play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Philophobia Too play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Photo Finish play Ustinov, Peter Dramatists
Piaf play  Gems, Pam  
Piano Bar musical     Fremont/Willens  
Picasso at the Lapinagile collection Martin, Steve Grove Press
Picasso, A play Hatcher, Jeffrey Dramatists
Picnic play Tnge, William Dramatists
Picnic Plus 3 (collection) part of collection Inge, William Random House
Piece of My Heart, A play Lauro, Shirley Samuel French
Pillowman, The play McDonagh, Martin Dramatists Play Service
Pinocchio play    
Pinter: Complete Works 4 collection  Pinter, Harold  
Pirate Island play Follose, Martin Heuer
Pitching the Good Game play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Plantation play Shine, Ted  
Play About the Baby, The play Albee, Edward Dramatists
Play It Again, Sam play Allen, Woody Samuel French
Plays collection  Gilbert/Sullivan  
Plays for an Imaginary Theater collection Jerome, Judson, edti Jerome, Judson, edit  
Plays in One Act collection various  
Plays of Chekhov: Monarch Notes resource book    
Plays To Remember collection   MacMillan
Plaza Suite play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Plenty play Hare, David  
Pocahontas play Harris, Aurand  
Pollyanna play Cushing, Catherine  
Ponder Heart, The play Fields, Joseph, Chodorou, Jerom Samuel French
Popcorn play Elton, Ben  
Portrait In Black play Goff, Ivan & Roberts, Ben Samuel French
Potting Shed, The play Greene, Graham Samuel French
Pound/Joyce: Letters of Ezra Pound to James Joyce resource book    
Power Plays play May, Elaine & Arkip, Alan  
Practical Handbook for the Actor, A book Bruder, Cohn, Polack, Previto & Zigler  
Preaching To The Choir play Handy, Paul  
Pregnant Pause play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Prescott Proposals, The play Lindsay, Howard,  Dramatists
Presence of the Actor, The resource book Chaikin, Joseph  
Present Tense and Personal Effects play McNamara, John Dramatists
Price, The play Miller, Arthur Dramatists
Private Ear, The play Shaffer Samuel French
Private Lives (Laurel British Drama)  collection Coward, Noel  
Problem, The (Nine Early Plays) collection Gurney, A. R.   
Prom Queens Unchained musical       Goodsight/Hermann  
Promenade, All! play Robison, David V. Samuel French
Proof play Auburn, David Dramatists
Prop Builder's mask Making Handbook, The resource book James, Thurston  
Public Affairs (Nine Early Plays) collection Gurney, A. R.   
Public Eye, The play Shaffer Samuel French
Puss In Boots musical Andruski, deMets  
Pygmalion play Shaw, George B.  
Quare Fellow and The Hostage, The collection Behan, Brendan  
Queen of Bingo, The play Michels, Jeanne & Murphy, Phyllis Dramatists
Questioning of Nick collection Kopit, Arthur  
Quilters musical Newman, Dumeshek Dramatists
Quo Vadis, Tinker Bell play Haubold, Clive  
Rabbit Hole play Lindsay-Abaire, David Dramatists
Rabbit Race and the Detour, The collection Walser, Martin  
Rabelais play    
Rags to Riches musical    Harris, Aurand  
Rainmaker, The play Nash, N. Richard Samuel French
Raisin in the Sun and The Sign in S. Brustein's Window collection  Hansbury, Lorraine  
Rape of Bunny Stuntz, The  collection Gurney, A. R.   
Ready When You Are, C.B.! play Slade, Susan Samuel French
Real Inspector Hound, The play Stoppard, Tom Samuel French
Real Inspector Hound/After Magritte, The play  Stoppard, Tom  
Real Thing, The play Stoppard, Tom Faber & Faber
Really Hip Adventures of Go Go Girls, The play Smith, Mark Baker's Plays
Recipes for Surfaces book Drucker, M & Finkelstein, P.  
Reckless and Blue Window play Lucas, Craig  
Reclining Figure play Kurnitz, Harry Samuel French
Red Carnations play Hughes, Glenn  
Red Lamp, The play Booth, Hilliard Samuel French
Red Rose, The play DuRand, LaCharche  
Regal's Last Resort comedy Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Regrets Only play Rudnick, Paul Dramatists
Rehearsal, The collection Anouilh, Jean  
Relapse, The play    
Reluctant Dragon, The play    
Remember When play Hoeltke Bakers
Reserve Two For Murder play Randall, John Samuel French
Return of the King play DeFerie, Steph Baker's Plays
Rhinoceros play Ionesco, Eugene  
Ridiculous Fraud play Henley, Beth Dramatists
Ring Round The Moon play Anouith/adapted-Fry Dramatists
Rip Van Winkle play Ould, Hermon Baker's Plays
Roar Like A Dove play Storm, Lesley Samuel French
Rocky Horror Show, The musical    O'Brien, Richard  
Romance Language play Parnell, Peter  
Romance Ranch play Tasca, Jules  
Romanoff and Juliet play Ustinov, Peter Dramatists
Romantic Comedy play Slade, Bernard Samuel French
Romeo and Jeannette collection Anouilh, Jean  
Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story collection Shakespeare/Bernstein  
Rope Dancers, The play Wishengrad, Morton Samuel French
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead play Stoppard, Tom Samuel French
Royal Hunt of the Sun, The play Shaffer, Peter Samuel French
Rub, The play Gorn, Albi  
Rubbers and Yanks 3 Detroit 0... collection Reynolds, Jonathan  
Ruby Sunrise, The play Groff, Rinne Dramatists Play Service
Ruffian on the Stair, The collection Orton, Joe Dramatists
Ruling Class, The play    
Rumors play Simon, Neil Samuel French
Rumpelstiltskin play Oakley Pioneer Drama
Run, Thief, Run! play Manchester, Joe Dramatists
Runner Stumbles, The play Stitt, Milan Dramatists
Running on Empty play Heifner, Jack  
Rupert's Birthday and Other Monologues collection  Jenkins, Ken  
Russell and the Troll children's one act Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Russell's Beeziness! children's one act Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Sabrina Fair play Taylor, Samuel Dramatists
Safe Sex play Fierstein Athenum
Saga of Sagebrush Sal, The play Clark, i.e.  
Sakina's Restaurant play Mandvi, Aasif  
Samba play Abbensetts, Michael  
Same Time, Next Year play Slade, bernard Samuel French
Sandcastle (Theatre Wagon) collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher  
Sandford Meisner Approach resource book Silverberg, Larry  
Saturday Evening Ghost play Taggart, Tom Samuel French
Savage in Limbo play Shanley, John Patrick  
Save Me A Place At Forest Lawn play Yerby, Lorees Dramatists
Saving Grace play Sharkey, Jack  
Say Goodnight, Gracie play Pape, Ralph Dramatists
Scapin and Don Juan collection  Moliere  
Scapino! play Dunlop, Frnak & Dale Dramatic Publishing
Scenarios of the Commedia Dell'Arte resource book Salerio, Henry  
Scenes From American Life collection Gurney, A. R.   
Scheherazade play Chamberlain, Marisha  
Scheme of the Driftless Shifter, The melodrama Lane, Carolyn Baker's Plays
School For Wives farce Moliere/adapted-Malleson Samuel French
School of Scandal play Sheridan, Richard Baker's Plays
SchoolHouse Rock, Jr.  musical Ferguson, Scott Music Theatre International
Scraps, the Ragtime Girl of Oz play Koste, V. Glasgow  
Screens, The play Genet, Jean  
Screenwriter's Workbook, The resource book Field, Syd  
Scrooge musical Bricusse, Leslie Samuel French
Scuba Duba  play Friedman,   
Search For Signs of Intelligent Life In the Universe play Wagner, Jane Samuel French
Seascape play Albee Dramatists
Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild play Zindel, Paul Dramatists
Secret Garden, The play Ashby, Sylvia Baker's Plays
Secret Garden, The musical Norman, Marsha Samuel French
See How They Run play King Samuel French
Seidman and Son play Moll, Elick Samuel French
Selected One-Act Plays collection Foote, Horton  
Selected Plays and Other Writings collection     Shaw, George B.  
Selected Plays of Kyogen Collection        McKinnon, Richard, edt  
Send Me No Flowers play Barasch & Moore Samuel French
Sentimental Scarecrow, The play Shertzer & Brown Samuel French
Separate Peace, A play Stoppard, Tom  
Separate Tables play Rattigan, Terrence Samuel French
Servant of Two Masters and Other Italian Classics collection  various  
Seven Menus (Long Ago) collection        Ives, David  
Seven Plays collection Shepard, Sam  
Seven Plays and How to Produce Them resource book Smith, Moyne Rice  
Seven Plays of the Modern Theatre collection  various  
Seven Year Itch, The play Dxelrod, George Dam
Seven Year Itch, The play Axelrod, George  
Sexual Perversity in Chicago/Duck Variations play Mamet, David  
Shadow Box, The play Cristofer, Michael Samuel French
Shadowland play Nicolson, William  
Shakespeare In Love (screenplay) screenplay Norman/Stoppard  
Shakespeare's Clowns play Riosley & Byars  
Shakespeare's Theater resource book Thorndike, Ashley  
Shakespeare's Theatre resource book Thorndike, Ashley  
Shakespeare's Wordcraft resource book Kaiser, Scott  
Shape of Things, The play Labute, Neil Faber & Faber
She Stoops to Conquer play Goldsmith, Oliver Baker's Plays
She With a Capital ESS play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Sheep Thief, The - and adaptation of the Second Shepard's Play play Ainsworth, Ford I.E. Clark
Sherlock Holmes    play Gillette, William, Doyle, Arthur Conan Samuel French
Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League musical Forester, Woodward, Cummins Samuel French
Shining Princess of the Slender Bamboo, The play Ashby, Sylvia  
Ships play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Shirkers, The play McLelland Samuel French
Shock of Recognition, The play Anderson, Robert Dramatists
Shoes play Shine, Ted  
Shot in the Dark, A play Kurnitz, Harry Samuel French
Show Buisness- Irving Berlin cd    
Shropshire Lad, A resource book Houseman, A.E.  
Silent Night, Lonely Night play Andeson Samuel French
Silk Shirt, The play Kelly Samuel French
Silver Whistle, The play McEnroe, Robert Dramatists
Sin To Me Through Open Windows collection Kopit, Arthur  
Sister Mary Ignatius Explaines It All For You play Durang, Christopher  
Sisters McIntosh, The play Corson, Richard  
Sisters Rosensweig, The  play Wasserstein, Wendy Harcourt Brace
Sisters Sorting Sort Of play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Six (6) Rms Riv Vu play Randall, Bob Samuel French
Six Degrees of Separation play Guare, John  
Six Degrees of Separation play Guare, John Dramatists
Six Great Modern Plays collection    
Six Modern American Plays collection various  
Six Modern American Plays collection        Halline, Allan, edit.  
Six Plays by Slawamir Mrozek collection Mrozek, Slawamir  
Sixteen Famous American Plays collection various  
Sixteen Famous British Plays collection        Cerf, Bennet, Edit  
Skyscraper musical    Stone/Cahn/VAn Heusen  
Sleuth play Shaffer, Anthony Samuel French
Sleuth (Best Mystery Suspense Plays) collection Shaffer, Anthony Samuel French
Slightly Dramatic  play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Smell of the Kill, The play Lowe, Michele  
Smell of the Kill, The play Lowe, Michele Dramatic Publishing
Smile musical    Hamlisch/Ashman  
Snow Stars play Sawyer, Anne, V.  
Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs play Chambers, Neil  
So There Was This Rat comedy Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Social Security play Bergman, Andrew Samuel French
Soft Touch, The play Cathbert, Neil Samuel French
Softly Sara Falls play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Solid Gold Cadillac, The play Teichmann, Howard & Kaufman, George Dramatists
Solitaire Double Solitaire play Anderson, Robert Dramatists
Something Different play Reiner, Carl Samuel French
Something's Afoot musical    McDonald/Vos/Gerlach  
Somewhere In Between play Pospisil, Craig Dramatists
Song At Twilight, A play Coward, Noel  
Song of Bernadette, The play Kerr, Jean and Walter  
Song of Singapore musical    Katz  
Sound of Music, The VHS Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Southern Exposures play Milligan, Jason  
Specter (Green Man) collection Nigro, Don Samuel French
Speed the Play (Long Ago) collection        Ives, David  
Spitfire Grill, The musical Valco, James & Aley, Fred Samuel French
Spring Dance play Barry, Phillip Samuel French
Stage Directions & Spared  2 plays Horovitz, Israel Dramatists
Stalag 17 play Bevan/Trzcinski  
Star Spangled Girl, The play Simon, Neil  
Starblast musical   Harman/Stariale  
Stars play Hanagan, Jay D.  
State of the Union play Lindsay/Crouse  
Steele Magnolias play Harling, Robert Dramatists
Steinway Grand play Karinthy, Ferenc Samuel French
Step on a Crack musical  Zeder, Susan  
Stick-Em-Up play Bryjak, George, J.  
Stop, You're Killing Me play Kaufman, George  
Strange Bedfellows play Herlihy, Leo Samuel French
Streath (Four Plays play Ryerson & Clements Samuel French
Street collection        Green, Michael  
Streets of New York, The play Aiken, Joan  
Strindberg's One-Act Plays musical    Grael/Chodosh  
Stuart Little collection    
Sturt play Robinette, Joseph  
Style: Acting-High Comedy play Carlson, Lanie  
Styopik and Manya (Theatre Wagon) book Atken, Maria  
Subject to Change collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher Samuel French
Subject Was Roses, The play Tasca, Jules Samuel French
Substance of Fire, The play Gilroy, Frank Miramax Books
Suburbia play Baitz, Jon Dramatists
Suicide Anyone? (collection) play Bogosian, Eric Dramatists
Suicide, Anyone? collection        Patrick, John  
Summer of Love play Patrick, John  
Summer's Way 10-minute play Toledo, Stanley  
Sunday in New York play Mackowski, Chris Dramatists
Sunset Limited, The  play Krasna, Norman Dramatists
Sunshine Boys, The play McCarthy, Cormac Samuel French
Sure Thing play Simon, Neil Dramatists
Surprise play Ives, David Samuel French
Survivor's Guilt play Carmichael, Fred  
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street play Hanagan, Jay D. MTI
Sweet Eros & Witness musical Sondheim, Stephen & Weidman, John Dramatists
Sweet Redemption Music Company play McNally, Terrence  
Sweet Revenge:  10 Plays of Bloody Murder musical    Payne/Randall  
Sweet Sounds, The collection various  
Swingtime Canteen cd Rodgers & Hammerstein Home Fires Co.
Switched At The Crossroads musical Bond, Kinda & Repicci, William  
Sylvia play Healy, John Dramatists
Symphonic Music play Gurney, A.R.  
Tail That Wagged the Dog, The resource book Ulrich, Homer  
Take Her, She's Mine play   Samuel French
Take Me Out play Ephron, Phoebee & Henry Dramatists
Taking Leave play Greenberg, Richard  
Talent for Murder, A play Jackson, Nagle Samuel French
Tales from the Arabian Nights play Chodorv, Jerome, Panama, Norman  
Talk Radio musical    Dixon/Cole Samuel French
Talking With...B587 play Bogosian, Eric Samuel French
Taming of the Shrew, The play Martin  
Tarantara! Tarantara! play Shakespeare, William Broadway Play Pub. 
Tartuffe musical Taylor, Ian Playscript, Inc.
Tchin Tchin play Moliere/adapted-Mooney, Timothy Samuel French
Tea and Sympathy play Michaels, Sidney Samuel French
Teahouse of the August Moon, The play Anderson, Robert Dramatists
Technique of Acting, The play Patrick, John  
Ten Little Indians book Adler, Stella Samuel French
Ten Nights in a Barroom play Christie, Agatha  
Tender Trap, The musical Carmichael Dramatists
Tennessee (Laughing Stock) play Shulman & Smith Dramatists
Tent Meeting collection        Linney, Romulus  
Terra Nova play   Dramatists
That Championship Season play Tally, Ted Dramatists
That's It Folks! play Miller, Jason  
The Modern Ibsen play O'Donnell, Mark  
The New Theatre of Europe 3 resource book Weigand, Hermann J.  
Theatre (Brief Edition) collection various  
Theatre Crafts Book of Make Up, Masks and Wigs, The resource book Cohen, Robert  
Theatre Design & Production resource book Smith, Ray, edt  
Theatre of George Bernard Shaw, The resource book Gillette, Michael J.  
Theatre of the Absurd, The collection        Shaw, George B.  
Theatre of the Double: Genet/Ionesco resource book Esslin, Martin  
Theatre Wagon- Plays of Place resource book various  
Theatrically Speaking collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher  
They're None of Them Perfect resource book Holm, Enid  
Thick As Thieves play Kerr, Sophie Methuen's
Thieves Carnival play Marchant, Tony  
Thing of Beauty, A play Anouilh, Jean Pioneer Drama
Third play Berger, Maurice Dramatists
Thirteen By John Patrick Shanley play Wasserstein, Wendy  
Thirteen Plays of Ghosts and The Supernatural collection        Shanley, John P.  
Thirty Famous One-Act Plays collection      Kaye, Marvin  
Thirty-Odd Years collection        Cerf, Bennett, Edit.  
This Just In play Siller, Ric  
This Man Is An Island drama Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
This Play Sucks play Hanagan, Jay D.  
This Way to Heaven play Wise, James, H. Samuel French
Thousand, Clowns, A play Parkhirst, Doublass Samuel French
Threads play Garnder, Herb  
Three Comedies of American Family Life play Holt, Jonathan  
Three Cuckolds, The collection  various  
Three Exposures play Katz, Leon  
Three Filosofers in a Firetower part of collection Guare, John  
Three Gloucester Plays collection Collins, Jr. Margaret & Fletcher  
Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down collection        Horovitz, Israel  
Three Jewish Plays musical      Samuel French
Three Men on a Horse play Mamet, David Dramatists
Three One-Act Plays About the Elderly collection Nass, Elyse Samuel French
Three Plays play Holm, John Cecil & Abbott, George  
Three Plays collection        Ibsen, Henrik  
Three Plays About Crime and Criminals collection Rice, Elmer  
Three Plays About Doctors collection        Freedley, George, edit  
Three Plays by Ionesco collection        Mersand, Joseph, edit  
Three Plays by John Guare collection  Ionesco, Eugene  
Three Tall Women collection Guare, John Dramatists
Threepenny Opera play Albee, Edward  
Thriller of the Year musical  Brecht, Bertolt  
Thurber Carnival, A play Jones, Glyn Samuel French
Thymus Vulgaris play Thurber Dramatists
Tick Tock play Wilson, Lanford  
Ties play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Tiger At the Gate play Sweet, Jeffrey Samuel French
Time of the Cuckoo, The play giraudoux, Jean Samuel French
Tiny Alice play Laurents, Arthur Dramatists
Titanic Revisited, The play Albee, Edward  
To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday 10-minute play Levy, Peter L.  
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday play Wykes, Walter  
To Kill A Mockingbird play Brady, Michael Dramatic Publishing
To Whom It May Concern play Lee, Harper  
Tobacco Road play Hall, Carol Samuel French
Toby Tyler play Kirckland, Jack  
Tom  Sawyer play Young, Richard  
Tom Paine musical    Luther, Frank Samuel French
Tommy play Foster, Paul  
Torch-Bearers, The cd   Samuel French
Tour (Apple Pie) play Kelly, George Dramatists
Tradin' Paint collection McNally, Terence  
Trafford Tanzy play Bush, Catherine   
Tragedy of Doctor Faustus, The play    
Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin play Marlowe, Christopher  
Treasury of  Drama, A resource book Milton, Joyce  
Treatment, The collection        Pickering, Jerry, edit. Dramatists
Trial By Jury   Ensler, Eve  
Tribute musical Gilbert & Sullivan Samuel French
Tricks of the Trade   Slade, Bernard  
Trifles play Michaels, Sidney  
Triumph of Love play Glaspell, Susan  
Trixie True, Teen Detective cd    
Troll and the Elephant Prince, The musical    Hamilton, Kelly  
True West play Bush, Max Samuel French
Turn of the Screw, The play Shepard, Sam Dramatists
Turn the Gas Back On play Hatcher, Jeffrey  
Twelfth Night musical       Golightly/Newell/Perry Samuel French
Twelve Dancing Princesses, The play Shakespeare, William Baker's Plays
Twelve Dreams   Hellesen, Richard  
Twentieth Century Drama: England, Ireland, and the United States play Lapine, James  
Twenty Best European Plays on the American Stage collection  various  
Twenty Best Plays for the Modern Amer. Theater collection        Gassner, John, edit  
Twenty One-Act Plays collection        Gassner, John, edit  
Twenty TV Commercial Comedy Sketches collection     Richard, Stanley, edit Contemporary Drama Service
Twenty-five in 10 collection Hamlett, Christina Dramatic Publishing 
Twice Around the Park collection Brown, Kent Samuel French
Twin Beds play Schisgal, Murray Samuel French
Two for a Happening (6 on-acts) play Mayo & Field  
Two for the Seesaw collection Franklin, Clay Samuel French
Two Masters play Gibson Samuel French
Two Moms   Manley, Frank  
Two Plays by Edward Albee play Moran, Bob  
Two Plays by Peter Weiss collection Albee, Edward  
Two Trains Running collection Weiss, Peter Dramatists
Types of Drama: Plays and Essays play Wilson, August  
U.S.A. collection various Samuel French
Ubu Roi play Shyre, Paul  
Uncle Harry play   Samuel French
Uncommon Women and Others play Job Dramatists
Under Milkwood play Wasserstein, Wendy Samuel French
Under the Shade of the Trees play Thomas, Dylan  
Unexpected Guest, The   Mackowski, Chris Samuel French
Universal Language, The play Christie, Agatha Dramatists
Univited, The play Ives, David Dramatists
Unknown Soldier & His Wife play Macardle Samuel French
Unsinkable Molly Brown, The play Ustinov, Peter  
Untitled #2 musical    Wilson, Meredith  
Vagina Monologues, The 10-minute play Gordon, Jim Dramatists
Vanities play Ensler, Eve Samuel French
Variations on the Death of Trots play Heifner, Jack Dramatists
Velvet Glove, The play Ives, David Samuel French
Verbatim play Casey, Rosemary  
Veronica's Room play Gorn, Albi Samuel French
Veterans play Levin, Ira  
Victory play Wood, Charles Dramatists
Viet Rock: Four Plays By Megan Terry   Fugard, Athol  
View From The Bridge, The collection Terry, Megan Dramatists
Vinegar Tree, The play Miller, Arthur Samuel French
Visit To A Small Planet play Osborn, Paul Dramatists
Visit, The play Vical, Gore Samuel French
Visit, The play Duerrenmatt, Friedrich  
Visiting Mr. Green play Duerrenmatt, Friedrich Dramatists
Vital Signs play Baron, Jeff Samuel French
Vivat, Vivat Regina play Martin  
Voice of the Turtle, The play   Dramatists
Voyage of the Dragonfly play vanDruten, John  
W;T play Bush, Max Dramatists
Wait Until Dark play Edson, Margaret Dramatists
Waiting for Godot play Knott, Frederick  
Waiting for the Parade play Beckett, Samual Talnbooks-Canada
Wakefield Mystery Plays, The play Murrell, John  
Walk in the Woods, A collection  Rose, Martial (editor) Dramatists
Wally's CafŽ play Blessing, Lee Samuel French
Waltz of the Toreadores, The play Bobrick, Sam & Clark, Ron Samuel French
Wanna Play? play Anouilh, Jean  
Warrior's Husband, The musical revue conductor's score Samuel French
Water Engine and Mr. Happiness, The play Thompson, Julian  
Water Engine, The collection   Mamet, David  
Way to Miami, The   Mamet, David  
Wayside Motor Inn, The play Pinter, Harold Dramatists
We Bombed in New Haven play Gurney,Jr., A. R. Samuel French
We Have Always Lived in the Castle play Heller, Joseph Dramatists
Weekend Comedy play Wheeler/adapted-Jackson Samuel French
Welcome Home play Bobrick, Jeanne & Sam  
Wencelas Square play Hanagan, Jay D.  
We're All in This Together play Shue, Larry Baker's Plays
West Side Story   Rudolph, Grace  
Whales of August, The musical    Laurents/Bernstein/Sondheim Dramatists
What If? play Berry, David  
What the Butler Saw collection Hanagan, Jay D. Samuel French
What, Where, When of Theatre Props, The play Orton, Joe  
What's so Big About AIDS resource book James, Thurston  
When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet musical  Gunter, Gregory  
When the Cat's Away play George, Charles Samuel French
When You Comin Back, Red Ryder?   Mortimer, Johnnie Dramatists
Whisper Into My Good Ear/Mrs. Dally Has a Lover play Medoff, Mark Dramatists
White House Murder Case, The play Henley Samuel French
White Liars & Black Comedy, The   Feiffer, Jules Samuel French
Who Killed Aunt Caroline play Shaffer  
Who Was That Lady I Saw You With play Richards, Grant Dramatists
Whoa Grandma play Krasna, Norman  
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? play Mayo, Vivian  
Who's Happy Now? play Albee, Edward  
Wild Flowers & Untamed Women play   Samuel French
Will the Real Jesus Christ Please Stand Up? play Steele, Donald  
Willie's Kitchen play Marmorstein, Malcolm  
Winchelsea Dround and other Plays play Hanagan, Jay D.  
Window's Blind Date, The play Nigro, Don Dramatists
Wings play Horvitz, Israel Samuel French
Winnie The Pooh play Kopit, Arthur  
Winning Streak, The play Sergel, Kristin Dramatists
Winter Reunion, A   Blessing, Lee  
Wisdom of Eve play Miller, Henry  
Wisteria Trees, The play Orr/Denham Dramatists
Wit  play Logan, Joshua Dramatists
Witness for the Prosecution (Best Mystery Suspense Plays) play Edson, Margaret Samuel French
Wiz, The part of collection Christie, Agatha Samuel French
Woman Are From Venus Men Are From Uranus comedy Sapperstein and Murway J & G Unlimited
Woman in Black, The musical Brown, William, F. & Smalls, Charlie Samuel French
Woman In Mind play Mallatratt, Stephen Samuel French
Woman in White, The play Ayckbourn, Alan  
Womean of Lockerbie, The play  Kelly/Sharkey Dramatists
Women from the Town play Brevoort, Deborah  
Women, The play Williams, Samm-Art Dramatists
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The play Luce, Clare Boothe  
Wonders of Storybook Land, The play Koste, V. Glasgow  
Woodman & the Goblins play   Samuel French
Words on Mime collection Nigro, Don  
Words, Words, Words resource book DeCroux, Etienne Dramatists
Work In Progress play Ives, David  
Worker, The play Trasler, Damian  
Working play Wykes, Walter Music Theatre International
Workshop musical Terkel, Studs  
Wrong Turn at Lungfish 10-minute play Donnelly, John A.  
Yes, Dear play Marshall/Ganz Samuel French
You Can't Get There From Here play Graves, Warren Dramatists
You Can't Take It With You play Cook, Pat Dramatists
You Don't Know Me play Hart, Moss & Kaufman, George S.  
You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running play Gorn, Albi Dramatists
Young Love play Anderson, Robert  
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown play Hanagan, Jay D.  
You're Never Gone musical