Requesting an Adjudication (available to TANYS member companies only - join us now!)
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What is Adjudication?  
Adjudication is an opportunity for your group to hear constructive, objective feedback about your production. In any production, we have our own ideas of how successful we have been in transmitting across the footlights what we wanted our audience to know and feel. But we have also become very close to that production and sometimes lose our objectivity. Adjudication provides an outside eye that allows our productions not only to bring applause, but also to grow.

The adjudication takes approximately one hour and addresses Ten Points for Consideration.
The adjudication is given verbally. You are allowed to tape it if you wish. No written follow-up will be provided to the company.

TANYS offers three types of adjudications. Learning adjudicationFestival consideration adjudication and Technical adjudication. Adjudication are available for either a performance or rehearsal.

When should we have an adjudication?
Festival Consideration Adjudication should be requested for a time when the production is complete - ready for an audience. If the production is part of your season, you probably will want the adjudication during the run of the show. If you have mounted the production for Festival entry only, the adjudication can be held whenever you want it to be seen during the Festival Window.

Learning and Technical Adjudications are usually requested during the run of a show, although some companies request them during the rehearsal process (one to two weeks before the show opens) and then again during the run of the production.

Who should participate in an adjudication?
This is a decision made by each requesting company. Some prefer to have the adjudication for the director(s) only. Most companies invite the director, cast, and crew, and a few include the audience as well. Your choice should be based on providing your company with the best and most comfortable growth experience.

Cost of an adjudication
To request an adjudication from TANYS, the producing theatre group must be a member of TANYS

In addition, for each adjudication received, the producing group must:
  • Send the adjudicator a copy of the script
  • Reserve two complimentary tickets at the performance to be adjudicated
  • Pay the adjudicator $75 at the time of the adjudication

Written adjudication is an additional $75, due at the time of adjudication.