BMI Supply Design Competition and Exhibition

Entry Guidelines

Suggested Design Categories: Scenic, Costume, Lighting, Make-up, Hair, Sound, Special Effects, Technical and Graphic

General Guidelines:

  1. There will be an entry fee of $10 for each design.

    1. Entry must be from a realized production of TANYS Member Company.

      • The Production does not need to have been adjudicated.

      • The Production must have been mounted between November 1 following the previous festival and October 31 of the current year to be eligible for the Festival.

    1. Entry of the Design may be made by the Member Company or by the Individual Member Designer.

      • Either the Designer OR the Presenting Company MUST be Members of TANYS.

      • No special preference will be given to members.

    1. Entry must be made by completing the application form and submitting this form by Nov 13.

      • Form will be available on the TANYS Web Site.

      • Only one entry per form.

    1. The Entry must be exhibited at Festival.

      • All Entry set–up must be complete by Noon the Saturday of Festival.

      • It is the responsibility of the Entrant to transport the Exhibit to the Festival Site.

        • TANYS will designate an area for the designs to be exhibited.

          1. o TANYS will provide Table Space and access to AC power as needed.

          2. o It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide anything else needed for the effective presentation of their design.

    2. • i.e.: Mannequins or models, video/audio playback devices, vertical riser, etc.
        • The Exhibit should take up no more than a 3’x 3’ area.

        • o Costumes Display may take more space but prior approval will be required.
      • An Audio or Video playback may NOT interfere with another display. Headphones for the playback device are strongly encouraged.

      • See “Specific Requirements” for more information.

    1. All Design Entries will be identified only by a designated number and the Name of the production to ensure impartial judging.

        • Allowances will be made when the company name is integral to the design.

        • o i.e.: posters, brochures, etc.
      • Judging will be completed by the Saturday evening of Festival.

      • Designer and Company names will be displayed with the entries during the Sunday of Festival.

    1. Awards

      • There will be a trophy award presented for: Best Overall Design.

        • Judge’s Discretionary Awards, any or all of which may be presented:

          1. o Best <Design Category> Design.

          2. o Honorable Mention <Design Category> Design.

          3. o Award at the Judge’s discretion.

      • The decisions of the Judge will be final.

      • The Design Competition Committee will have sole responsibility for the interpretation of these guidelines and their execution.

Requirements for All Entries:

1. Every Entry must have a written “Design Statement” in which the designer discusses the concept, thought and rationale for their design.

• This “Design Statement” should be no longer than 250 words.

2. Photos or videos of the design as it was originally presented ARE required.

A Sound Design entrant will need an audio playback rather than visual.

  1. A pleasing presentation of the Design Entry is strongly encouraged.

  2. Entrants should include anything that they think will help the judge “visualize” their design.

Additional suggestions by Area:

1. Scenic Design

  • A Model, Line drawing and/or Rendering

  • A Floor Plan

  • Elevations and working drawings will aid in the display of the design concept.

2. Costume Design

  • The actual costume(s) when possible

  • If Applicable: Line Drawings and Renderings

  • Costume Plot by Character

3. Lighting Design

  • Light Plot

  • A working script showing cue placement

  • Other paperwork as needed

4. Make-up Design

  • Character Design sheets showing make-up color choices and application information

  • Example of Prosthetics if applicable

5. Hair Design

  • Style sheet from which design is comprised

  • Wig samples if applicable

6. Sound Design

  • Cue sheet showing effects/ mic choices

  • A floor plan of speaker placement

  • A flow chart of equipment and routing

7. Special Effects Design

  • Cue sheet showing effects timing

  • A floor plan of effects placement

  • A statement of how actor safety was ensured

8. Technical Design (solution to a technical problem: rain, blood from a knife cut, etc.)

  • Working drawings of the unit

  • A model or if possible, the actual unit

9. Graphic Design (posters, artwork, programs, etc)

• An example of the work

For further information, contact: Bob Frame: 315-685-8193,